Security and privacy

About the security of the 1Password app and browser extension connection

Learn about the security of connecting the 1Password desktop app to 1Password in your browser.

By default, the 1Password app for Mac, Windows, and Linux connects to the 1Password browser extension if you have it installed in your browser. Account information and encryption keys are transferred using this connection to allow the 1Password app and browser extension to share your vaults and lock state. If you use biometrics to unlock 1Password app, this connection also allows you to use biometrics to unlock the 1Password browser extension.

Protection from interception

When the 1Password app and browser extension establish a connection, they do so in a way that makes it difficult to intercept through other applications or malware. Specifically, the app confirms that the connection is authenticated with the following methods:

  • On macOS and Windows, the 1Password app verifies the browser’s code signature for authentication.
  • On Linux, the 1Password app checks to confirm that the browser appears to be installed by a package manager.

Malware controlling your browser

By default, the 1Password app automatically connects to a list of well-known browsers with established teams that maintain their security. However, it’s important to know that browsers don’t inherently include protections against malware control. Debugging tools, illegitimate browser extensions, and other methods can be used by malware to control your browser. If 1Password is unlocked, this could grant malware access to your information, even without any visual indication.

1Password is unable to detect if a browser is being controlled by malware or prevent a malware-infected browser from connecting to it. It’s important to confirm the security of your device before you use it to access your 1Password information.

Adding another trusted browser

If you use a browser that’s not included in 1Password’s list of well-known browsers, you can manually add your browser in 1Password for Mac and Linux. Any additional browsers added will connect to the 1Password app in the same way as other browsers, but the same limitations related to malware apply in other browsers as well.

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